Visual Resume


Through each of my professional positions, I've enjoyed finding new and better ways to get things done. I'm passionate about developing things people enjoy and am always looking for new opportunities to drive growth in businesses. Below are several innovations or process improvements I've made in my workplace.


  1. Developed Fulfillment capability at OptumHealth supporting thousands of nurses and millions of consumers
  2. Capability lead for creation of Congestive Heartfailure, Asthma, and COPD biometric monitoring
  3. Partnered in design for new Health Assessment at Optum/UHC.
  4. Program lead for Incentive Service Improvement Program. Managed creation and implementation of member materials that support consumer engagement and usability. Delivered 6 releases on time and on budget.
  5. Agile Product Owner for
  6. Created training and internal marketing materials for transition to EMR at the University of Minnesota Medical Center
  7. Developed real-time collaboration platform for scheduling appointments and meetings.
  8. Updated the admissions process on my unit, developed videos and documentation guidelines to assist in training and implementation.
  9. Developed a newsletter (Digital Times) to help staff prepare for change to Electronic Medical Record System. This newsletter now focuses on the utilization of workplace technology.
  10. Developed numerous multimedia and hard copy consumer-facing marketing materials for unit.
  11. Developed new admission forms cutting paper use by 50%.
  12. Developed a script for a cultural competency video used to train new staff.
  13. Developed digital QA forms to measure customer satisfaction as well as an audit system to determine the level of proficiency of employees using the EMR system.
  14. Developed computer-based database of information as well as a mapping software for accessing frequently used information.
  15. Developed numerous computer-based forms used for insurance purposes and was able to combine multiple forms into one form used by multiple agencies to decrease repetition/errors.
  16. At HCMC, I streamlined the radiology file-request process and was then asked to come up with a plan on how to purge outdated files from the storeroom.
  17. Re-designed process for handling patient belongings and valuables.
  18. Worked as member of a team to re-design communication standards between staff members; developed web-based tools to increase communication and allow for off-site access to information.
  19. Member of RoundTable innovation group - involved in ideation, conceptualization, project workplan creation, and modeling of new product ideas.
  20. Created design thinking brainstorm activity for developing new ideas and exploring solutions to existing problems
  21. Utilized Agile/Lean methodology in development of new marketing and product website. Used A/B testing to improve UX and increase traffic on site.
  22. Developed multiple business concepts and delivered them to UHG business units.