Keeping Tabs on Ideas

I just received my iPhone 5 last week (after waiting in line when it came out, and waiting for AT&T to figure out my account) and started thinking about how it's improved my innovation and ideation. I've always considered myself an early adopter of technology, but I definitely took my time to adopt a smartphone. I've had a "stupid" phone for 10 years, and then made the major jump a few months ago to use a hand-me-down iPhone 1.

Yes, I've been using a 1st gen iPhone since about June. Even using that outdated technology gave me a few options for keeping track of ideas, and researching ideas that rumbled through my head. The main apps I used were email to keep track of thoughts (other apps died when I tried to run them) and Safari for looking up companies and keywords to see if anyone is already working on my ideas. Now that I have my iPhone 5, I've found that Evernote isn't quite as helpful as I expected. Most of my note taking is done through my good friend Siri --- "Siri! Write this down…". I still use Evernote when I'm trying to keep track of longer thoughts or doing brainstorming, but find that it takes a second to long to load and get my ideas down when I'm driving, or otherwise busy. The next step for me on the innovation train is always prioritizing and managing ideas. Siri isn't so good at that, so again I use Evernote, but the Notes app or, another favorite, WriteRoom work great. 

 If you're interested in learning more about keeping track of your wild ideas check out this great article on LifeHacker: