Systemic Authenticity

If you’re looking for a great way to drive towards top line growth, check out a recent article by Uri Neren (CEO of Innovator’s International) where he writes about mission-led companies delivering great results they can stand behind. The primary example he uses is Patagonia’s 2011 provocative ad campaign ‘Don’t buy this jacket.’ Why would they produce an ad like this? Simple – they believe that people should buy fewer things, and if they bought a Patagonia jacket they’d buy fewer jackets over time because their jackets last longer than the completion. Win – win.  The lesson is simple – set a mission that you believe in (ideally one that produces greater good for the world, ok?) and come up with some creative strategies to accomplish it. One last thing, make sure you truly know your business, yourself and your team. Unless, you truly believe in your mission, you'll never win.  I’m working with Uri now on establishing an emerging entrepreneurs group at Innovator’s International and can attest to Uri’s knowledge of delivering growth for small and large companies. Take a second look at your company's mission, update it if necessary and then start delivering on what you stand for.