And the Survey Says!

Lean Startup: Continuous InnovationSo you have a great new idea, and you want to find out if people will like it. According to Lean Startup methodology, you need to Build - Measure - Learn. Surveys can be a great way to validate your ideas and gather data on your quickly-built prototypes. I found a site that provides recommendations for many several of the leading online survey companies. One nice thing about the site, is that it explains the high level features/functions you can expect from each option. I've recently been working to test out a new business concept called PsychCentral and look forward to using QuestionPro as a sort of prototype and as a way to find out if the concept works. Like most SaaS these days, they have a free version as well as a few tiers of paid versions. Another option they didn't list is Google's form builder built into their Drive platform. I love this option because it's simple and is fairly well integrated into the rest of their products. So, next time you're ready to test the waters for your new idea, consider using a survey tool to measure the market size, as a quick prototype, or to track your concept outcomes.