Oscar Innovation

“INNOVATION is what America has always been about,” President Obama stated in his recent State of the Union address. Most of us would all agree with his remark considering the hotbed of tech culture overflowing from our shores. Another field of innovation where America shines is in film. Consider the recent (long) list of best picture nominees which included the typical Oscar-bait endearing and emotional dramas The Tree of Life & Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, the 3D masterpiece Hugo and the unexpected black and white silent film The Artist.

Why do I mention this on a blog about innovation? The truth is that sometimes innovation requires us to step back  and determine the root essence of what we want to convey. For Scorcese, he used incredibly vibrant and 3D elements to tell the story of an orphan boy searching for pieces of his father. On the other end of the spectrum Hazanavicus relied on his actor's facial expressions to drive the story of rise and fall, love of two film stars. By the end of the night we'll know which film the Academy preferred, even though audiences have thus far thrown their money at Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2. The lesson? Depending on your goals you need to craft the right message and use the right tools to convey the spirit of your vision.