Healthcare Innovation

A recent article from The National Academies Press titled 'Medical Innovation in the Changing Healthcare Marketplace: Conference Summary' posits that innovation is actually one of the key drivers of healthcare costs in America ( This is counterintuitive to many as one of the key outputs that come from innovation is the increased value thatconsumers see, meaning to many that costs lower. The problem with this theory is that while it's true that costs are rising for American healthcare, innovation also drastically improves patient outcomes. 

While the Affordable Care Act is a great top-down initiative to lower costs we need to continue developing startups focused on not just on improved outcomes, but also reducing the amount paid for your visit to the doctor. How to achieve this? The latest trend has been the VC or incubator model (like Rockhealth) and the Fortune 500 challenges that provide opportunities for innovative ideas to grow. There's always the do it yourself model. If you're able to build the right app you can start changing the face of healthcare tomorrow. Don't leave it up to the big boys to make change in the industry, start solutioning and help make healthcare better AND cheaper.