Innovate YOU

Delivering innovation at work is a complicated endeavor. It often requires buy-in from numerous stakeholders before you can even think of bringing a product to market. Thus, the beauty of the constantly evolving self. If you're anything like me, you're always searching for the next big thing and interested in figuring out how current technologies and information can be used to develop new and valuable things that people find useful. Creating your new existence involves bypassing financial, time, and personal limitations. 
Financial limitations can easily be overcome if you're willing to maintain your current employment and use the web as a resource for education. The drivers behind your decision making process should teach you that your transformation process is just probably just beginning or is already underway. If you didn't care about evolving, you wouldn't be considering personal innovation at all. Looking for better pay, more prestige, or simply interested in using different skills? Use that passion to engender your future. Change is scary, but that's all the most reason you should be excited to sneak up on your competitors (aka disruptive innovation). 
Face that fear, acknowledge that time IS your friend, and you are your biggest advocate.  Just as Fortune 500 companies learn each year, difficult situations and constraints often result in the impressive solutions. Take on the role of underdog, and explore the limitless opportunities of knowledge available online to begin reshaping yourself. Find someone your trust and look up to and ask them tons of questions. They didn't get into their role by accident, and you won't either. Change requires intrepidity, or taking action despite fear, and similarly, innovation is finding success others haven't. Discover your path today and start your transform today.