Focus on the Story

Don’t focus on the product – focus on the story. Next time you’re tasked with developing product 2.0 or the next widget the world will adore, take a step back and find the story. What’s the consumer experience you’re about to tinker with? Are you going to disrupt natural ways of getting things done or are you going to create a customer-centric experience that will allow them to feel the innovation in your product? Capture the excitement, the drama, and the imagination that comes with finding, buying, and using your product.

You’ll still have to get in and do some deep analysis, ethnographic research, and ask a boatload of questions, but this time you’ll look at the means more so than the ends. What’s the underlying story that a consumer walks through when using or buying your product/service? Find a way to increase the meaning of your engagement with consumers. No matter if you make the story exciting, uplifting, or choose-your-own, your customers will recognize the thought you put into each touch point and channel. So break down some silos of the customer experience, and craft a narrative that’ll win you a Pulitzer Prize.