Focus on the Emotional Experience

Often, it’s easiest to problem solve consumer problems that are obvious defects. When things that are broken it’s typically pretty easy to see where the issues are. You can grab some glue, slap on some paint and presto! Processes can be a bit more challenging, but taking a few moments to re-engineer a process using TQM or Six Sigma can oftentimes be as simple as removing complexity. Dealing with emotional problems of consumers is typically the most difficult to solve.

You can’t simply diagram someone’s emotive experience from the outside. You need to spend time thinking in their shoes, taking on their perspective, and feeling their emotions. Create an emotional blueprint by asking open-ended questions that drive to feelings, not just outcomes. Also, focus on storytelling – not your stories, but the consumers’. Analyzing all of the touch points they experience, just as you’d do for process mapping, will allow you to see not just point-in-time issues, but cumulative problems that ultimately cause disgruntled consumers. Eventually, you’ll turn these stories around and will be able to propagate them and showcase your engaging and consumer-centric values.