Your PowerPoint is Boring

After reading a fabulous article about how awful PowerPoints are in the business world, I took a look at some of the pitches I've made and info I've tried to communicate at work. In 'Death to PowerPoint', Bob Parks writes about how business people too often fail to recognize that a bunch of slides filled with data regurgitated from their computer doesn't make for a good meeting. Take a moment to recognize the value of what your explaining --similar to getting to the 'need', here you're getting to the point. Next, create a story around what your explaining. A simple story will engage your audience and provide some listeners with a chance to make connections in their brain beyond just numbers and bullets. Provide something visual - maybe a few sketches on a white board or some butcher block paper and you've suddenly shocked the C-suite. PowerPoint? The final step is to stop talking. Tell your story, get to the point, and close. 

Have to use PowerPoint? Grab your data from Excel, summarize the text from Word and keep it short. Pictures are worth a 1000 bullet points.