5 Ways to Strategize – Agility Wins

Image from WiredIt can be overwhelming to come up with a strategy for your newly founded business. It’s often tempting plan for the most favorable circumstances, but we all know that with the way the markets are moving, it’s not too likely that will happen. Alternatively, you might just come up with a strategy that simply ignores competitors or customers (bad idea).

Check out the Financial Times from last week for a few good ideas on how to develop a strategy that aligns with your goals. Before you start jotting down notes on your whiteboard, just make sure you try to tackle five key areas: markets, channels, and stages of the industry, and which products and customers you’re going after.

That being said, remember that your ability to grow as a small (or even large) company isn’t solely reliant upon strategy. Market forces and other disruptive competitors can make even the most foolproof plans worthless. Stay lightweight, and use market trends and developments as your keystone, rather than a project plan aligned to a calendar. You’ll save time up front and be able to reaction more quickly when change comes your way.

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