What - How - Why: On Leadership and Success

I'm a huge fan of Ted talks and just found one that I highly recommend where Simon Sinek describes the biological foundations for why people grow to be successful leaders. His idea is that people and companies work at three levels: the what, how, and why. Most people and organizations work at the what layer. Ask someone "tell me about yourself" and they will surely explain what their job is and what they do in their free time.
The best companies and leaders are driven by the why layer. It's the passion or values that fuels their every action. It bleeds into the how (think adverbs: intently, gracefully, dilligently), and impacts the work they do each day. So, next time your working to sell a new product, or market your organization, self-reflect on the core reasons for why someone should listen to you or your company. Stanford's d.school also uses this framework and they provide a nice tutorial on the method here.