Do We Really Need an iWatch?

iWatch Design From Esben OxholmApple's iWatch Will Measure More than Time, but what customer need does it solve? It helps move the needle towards a 'digital self' - is that enough?

I was a bit disappointed in Bloomberg (and Forbes for re-printing it) when they quoted Citigroup analyst Oliver Chen as saying, “This can be a $6 billion opportunity for Apple, with plenty of opportunity for upside if they create something totally new like they did with the iPod—something consumers didn’t even know they needed.”

First, people already were using mobile music players, and second he is implying that good design can create demand. Luckily they redeemed themselves when they wrote "This middle ground is in fact where Apple has lived all these years. It is not first and it is not bleeding edge. It makes beautiful realities out of the next obvious thing—which at the moment seems to be the iWatch." Ding ding ding.

This should be viewed as Apple recognizing another opportunity to create value for consumers by simplifying and creating a fantastic UX around things people are already showing interest in doing. Disruptive innovation? We'll see.