Hoodstarter is a web-based crowdsourcing platform that allows people to vote for how they'd like to see available spaces get used. It helps retailers, cities, and commercial real estate professionals optimize opportunities while engaging a community that cares.


Vetta is an online care collaboration platform for veterinary practices. It helps vets extend the reach of their practice and support pet owners online.


I developed this concept as a new way to improve engagement between patients and providers within the mental health market.


I created this marketing video and business model for a new telehealth support system.

A video created for a cinematography course at Loyola Chicago

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Slideshare Presentations

  • Total Health Profile Whitepaper. I co-led development of this application. (Link)
  • BABOK 2.0 (Link)
  • Motivational Change in Organizations (Link)
  • Detecting Deception (Link)