Week 31+32

Weeks 31+32 (July 14-27) were wild and crazy times with fun playing in Grandma and Pop Pop's pool, plus fun in a splash pad with Jeremy, Paris, and Payton. Josie loves eating yogurt and is wiggly and on the move. She loves standing and holding onto things so she can look around.

Week 29+30

Weeks 29+30 (June 30th-July 13th) were full of adventures -- Josie got baptized, saw her first parade, started crawling, spent a week with Grammy, and got to see lots of family. She is eating more food (she loves yogurt) and enjoyed lots of outside time at parks and concerts. 

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Week 28

Josie's week 28 (July 23rd-30th) was a hoot. Josie got to spends the week with Karn while Andrea and the Iyegha crew were in the Black Hills. Josie was happier than ever and started to army crawl. Best of all, she's so excited to be a big cousin!!

Week 26

Week 26 (June 9-15) was full of adventure. Josie had her first food (peas), she was a little temperamental, started making a funny Popeye face, and spent time with family and friends.

Week 25

Week 25 (June 2-8) Josie started to scoot around chasing after at toys. She's giggling more and got to start using her 'big girl' stroller. We went on lots of walks, visited Krista and Mike, went to the Edina Art Fair with Ben, Patty, and Remy, and, of course, Josie gots lots of love from Auntie Andrea and her big cousins.

Week 24

Week 24 (26th-1st) were full of traveling fun. We headed to SF for Womo and Yushan's wedding, but along the way we also got to see Yosemite and Sequoia national parks.

Off to California

We had a great Uber, flight, and drive on our way to San Francisco and then off to Yosemite. Josie travelled well and really liked the bright red colors at In-N-Out Burger.


If you can believe it, this is just a selection of the pics we took on our trip. Want to see more? Click the link to view the other gallery.


Josie enjoyed the wildlife and waterfalls in Yosemite. She had fun driving the windy and steep roads, traversing sub-alpine trails, and posing for many many photos.

Josie and mommy checking out the view of Yosemite Canyon from Glacier Point.

Sequoia National Park

The largest trees in the world were no match for little Josie. She climbed a tree, saw a bear, and climbed on top of Moro Rock (a giant granite dome overlooking the park).

Josie loved all the big giant Sequoia trees. She thinks she'll be as big and tall as them when she's older.

San Francisco

Our first adventure in San Francisco was to Half Moon bay on the Pacific Ocean. We had a fun lunch at a tiny food truck (actually, it was a train car) and walked along the beach. Right after we got a family photo Josie spotted a gray whale! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and it was such a treat for Josie to see all of her friends and family. Josie loved seeing several views of the Golden Gate bridge, walking along the giant giant Coastal Redwoods at Muir Woods, and then traveling through downtown San Francisco.

Back on Home

The trip back home was easy breezy. After a great breakfast with the Iyegha crew, we got a ride to the airport from Patei in their 15 passenger van (almost filled!). Josie even slept during most of the flight to MSP.

Week 23

Week 23 (19th-25th) Josie has been doing more reaching for toys, she got to wear capris in the warm weather, and enjoyed going to Al's Breakfast for eggs and pancakes.

I love story time!
— Josie Moon

Week 22

Josie's week 22 (12th-18th) was full of laughter. Josie went to two baby showers - one for friends Valerie and Colby and the other was her own shower at daddy's work. She even got her own tiny Slingding and Slingding onesie! Josie enjoys seeing her toys fly out of her carseat, she went hiking at Lebanon Hills in Eagan, and spent lots of quality time at the Iyegha's casa.

Week 21

Josie's week 21 (May 5-11) was full of fun family time. Josie celebrated her first Mother's day in Waukesha. She loved visiting with her Grammy and Papa as well as Auntie Marisa, Uncle Daniel, and cousin Daniel. She even got to see Bill! Josie just can't get enough of her new walker -- she'll just scoot and scoot as far as she can, but when she runs into something - look out! Josie learned to laugh this week and it's just the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Josie's First Laugh!

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