The Roundtable is a self-organized (think grass roots) think tank that I co-founded at UHG. It contributes to UHG's mission of being a constructive and transformative force in the healthcare system. We identify customer problems, opportunities, or unmet needs and mobilize transformative solutions within UHG business segments.

The Roundtable is our opportunity to create a startup environment within a huge matrixed enterprise. We're made up of people who are passionate about improving health, learning, and discovering ways to get things done. We build, model, and conceptualize and test hypotheses using bootstrap methods and a bit of ingenuity.

Check out the video for the Roundtable I put together to showcase the passion and concept behind the group.


At the heart of innovation is a culture and commitment to the process of thinking outside of current conventions and encouraging wild ideas. We’re all creative. It’s the essential human condition. The problem is that team dynamics often stifle that creativity. The Roundtable has the ability to create and mobilize original ideas unencumbered by bureacracy.


We believe that innovation and collaboration work best when you bring together concepts and people from different backgrounds. We create tables that include members from different departments so that we can learn from one another and challenge preconceived ideas. 


Roundtable Booth Participants

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We're interested in connecting with students from MBA programs that are ready to tackle big problems. We're entreprenurial, focused, and interested in connecting with like-minded people. 

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