Don't you hate spilling coffee? Yes, of course you do. You didn't walk all the way to the break room to get that steamy sloshy 12oz of Joe just to watch it spill on your fingers.

Through months of research using  techniques such as "Lean Startup" and "Human Centered Design" we learned that (a) people will pay for a solution to their problem* and (b) people have real emotional trauma as it relates to spills. 

We literally  went into people's homes and watched them. We saw how they woke up, how they sauntered over to the coffee maker, and how they brewed their morning elixir. We then saw, with much amazement, just how often people spill! On average, people spill far too often and we feel compelled to help solve that problem. 

 Example of how to use SlingDing.

Example of how to use SlingDing.


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SlingDing Ultra makes transporting any liquid fun and easy. Just slip on the SlingDing Ultra and you're set to have a hot (or cold) liquid party.We took the best from the SlingDing Minimus and multiplied the tensile strength, designed it for a sleek trend-setting appearance, and made it work for mugs and cups of [almost] any size.

New features!

  • Adjustable length cord
  • Easy On/Off Clips
  • Patent-pending grippy insides mean your cup/mug stays in place
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This is how I feel when I Slingding

Some people cry over spilled milk. I cry when anything spills.
— David Berglund